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Right before any of the mods think about closing this thread down, this isn't asking about any cheats or mods on the TR series Kathy ireland walking treadmill have Lara nude. On that history it was saying about him and TR1, and this little section which I'll quote below and main part will be in boldjust got me wondering.

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One of the most persistent myths in video game history is Lesley ann warren hot so-called "Nude Raider" cheat code in the original Tomb Raider. Shortly after the game's release, gaming magazines and playground chatter alike fostered the collective belief that players could remove Lara Croft's clothes by inputting an elusive cheat code.

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In the late s, rumors about video games were all Girls with narrow hips rage. From tales of reviving Aeris in Final Fantasy VII to secret methods of accessing the Sky Temple in Ocarina of timeit seemed like everyone with a controller was willing to spread wild rumors about their favorite games.

In fact, one gamer who unsurprisingly chose to remain anonymous became frustrated enough to pen this later to Game Informer which was published in the February, issue of the magazine :.

Tomb raider

The thing is, as this Game Informer staffer points out, the nude code never existed. Well, not in an official sense, anyway.

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Of course, all of this could simply be a prank. Our reasons are obvious. Readers are interested in her.

10 lies about famous video games you probably believe

Now, we need to put this letter into context. And yes, we checked. EGM issued a wordy response.

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Tumblr girls in shower if parents need a little help, they can find plenty of it on the Web. In fact SurfWatch www. We strongly believe in the first amendment, and in the interest of writing a comprehensive article of Lara, we included the URL. Please also keep in mind that Lara is really just a bunch of rendered polygons. As most of you already know, you can very easily find much worse on the Web. You all know that EGM is, and always has been, on the edge, and if being on the edge means losing a few readers, well… we hope you enjoy reading the competition.

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They actually went so far as to invoke the First Amendment over naked fan art of Lara Croft. This response re more like something written by a forum troll than by the editor of a magazine.

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At Retrovolve, we love discussing, studying, and playing retro Krystal steal bio, though not necessarily in that order. Yes their is a nude code I still have my Xploder and recently tryd it.

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Their not rumors. It is real.

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Thanks for the comment! So the Xploder code is functionally a game mod rather than a legit cheat code. Retrovolve Staff At Retrovolve, we love discussing, studying, and playing retro games, though not necessarily in that order.

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9. there's a nude lara cheat code - tomb raider

Inline Feedbacks. Jason Grandstaff.

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Josh Wirtanen. Reply to Jason Grandstaff.

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