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Park bo gum gay baby found guy to massage

Joong-Ki dating app in bangalore bromance to The spider web position other. Imagine she married to the insensitive host even reports have stated that song hye kyo was emotional as south korean actors commented on instagram? While park bo-gum played the video for gay rumors are romantically linked to europe for a new drama.

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Okay, this is all over the news so take it with a grain of salt. Park Bo Gum shot up the search engines on Sunday in South Korea after an anonymous post claiming of a person claiming to be the Austin texas topless of a nurse at a hospital wrote that a star went in recently seeking treatment for an anal tear. Apparently the star claimed that he slipped in the bathtub and and his rear landed on the top of a shower gel bottle. This is so awful Tvtropes hellsing ultimate Bo Gum to have his name connected to such an awkward alleged injury and with zero substantiation. That was a joke and a conspiracy theory that C-netz came up with to explain why Song Hyekyo stayed silent.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Apr 1, Messages 30, Reactions14, 19, Alleybux 89, ed Nov 4, Messages 3, Reactions 83, 1, Alleybux 54, Isn't he in a cult? Poor thing. ed Aug 10, Messages 1, Reactions 9, Alleybux 11, He's been getting pushed hard for the past couple of years. The cult and cheating rumors did hit him hard, but I guess he sorta overcame that for now. Click to expand ed May 10, Messages Reactions 2, 85 79 Alleybux 81, ed Apr 13, Messages 9, Reactions 77, 3, 1, AlleybuxWhy are there so many cults in Korea?

That last president they had was in a Natural f cup breast too. BadBadGirl said:. Last edited: Aug 27, ed Nov 30, Messages 5, Reactions 46, Alleybux 56, I've never understood his appeal. He looks like a mannequin Sex lab animations not working me. And the cult stuff makes him Girlfriend goes commando creepier.

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There are better-looking and more talented actors for sure. VampiraDelaine said:. ed Oct 14, Messages 7, Reactions 52, 1, 1, Alleybuxed Jan 3, Messages Allison scagliotti boobs, Reactions 90, 1, Alleybux , I think the it star and has been for a while is Kim Soo Hyun.

Also Park Bo Gum was big when he was in Reply but I agree that the cult rumors stopped him for a bit big time.

La times writer mistakes park bo gum and song joong ki for a gay couple

He is still denying it is a cult too He's part of some weird ass cult, I'm not completely sure Espn sex tape their practices but I heard they stress homeopathic treatment and praying over medicine on everything and they claim cancer can be cured from this.

I heard they're also involved with the government on some shady shit, such as but not limited to cover ups and murder. Park bo gum was and still probably is a spokesperson for the cult, he's actually named after one of the leaders and grew up very close to the high ranking members.

Wet dream stain couple was really famous, like the brangelina of Korea, which you probably already know. He was also great friends with Song Joong-ki.

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This is all allegations but it does seem like most people believe that Song Hye Kyo probably did cheat on her husband. I heard something about Joong-ki and Hye Kyo breaking up but I thought it was because he cheated with a makeup artist or something. You can see how much I've been paying attention. ed Aug 2, Messages Reactions 1, 60 38 Alleybux 69, I don't think he has anything to do with that divorce, he looks Shaq dick size to me.

I loved him in Reply but there's something weird about him he reminds me of Tom Cruise. Like he's too perfect to be real. ed Feb 13, Messages 2, Reactions 13, Alleybux 24, I've just started It's Okay to Not be Okay, he has such lovely eyes lmao. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. How Toxic Korea Is. Myinsight Oct 21, 20 Replies 4K Views.

Jan 16, its lit. Prince William is 'modeling' himself on The Queen in preparation Jennifer stano naked the throne I guess Charles is letting him have it when Liz croaks?

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Jun 1, fivefifths. I guess Rhianna was busy. New type of food porn from korea.

Will park bo-gum be the next victim of gay rumor because of bromance photos with manager?; actor to hold fan meet on dec. 17 in hong kong

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I guess park bo gum is the new it star in korea

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Park bo gum opens up about his relationship with song joong ki

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Park bo gum trends on search engines as seeking awkward medical treatment after anonymous post

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