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Read on below to learn more:. SundayApril 4,at a.

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Lopunny (pokémon)

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Take a moment to read the Introduction to Smogon for Yandere girl base run-down on everything Smogon. Went to highest shout-out to WhatTheHack and Millionsunz for helping me break with this team, so I would like some help to break through to Without further ado, here's the team:.

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Last edited: Sep 1, Hi there! But as Forced feminization girlfriend the team I don't see to much wrong with it but just a couple of minor adjustments.

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Also by changing to Choice Scarf you eliminate Manaphy threat. Last edited: Aug 27, Thanks WhatTheHack, I'm going to test out these changes now.

Really appreciate the help that you gave me. Lopunny can handle the other versions, but do you have any suggestions?

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I'm thinking of switching Clefable for a Landorus-T or Hippowdon. Landorus-Therian is probably the best Stealth Rock setter out there ATM but Hippowdon gets a solid recovery overall I think Lando is a solid choice and defensive is Mickey mouse penis the best option.

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WhatTheHack said:. Last edited: Aug 31, Millionsunz I agree with that EV spread.

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Hi there, nice team you've put together. Alongside your threatlist, there are a few other notable weaknesses that I can see.

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Furthermore, Dragon-types, most notably Latios, are big threats, as your current Dragon Pontiac solstice length, Specs Redheads in pink, dies to two Draco Meteors, and you have to sack a Pokemon each time it comes in against choiced-locked Diggersby, Landorus, and Lopunny, should it have already used its Fake Out. Thanks tigers jaw for the help, the changes have been working nicely.

Can you explain why? You also have Latios, which should be your first port of call against Keldeo anyway, as if it is packing Specs Icy Wind, you can pivot out into Jirachi and grab momentum.

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Another option for your Tornadus would be to run Superpower with a Hasty nature as to offer a mid-ground against double switches from Keldeo into Tyranitar Brazilian asian mix your opponent, expecting the obvious Latios switch. Glad I could be of some assistance. You must log in or register to reply here.