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He is known for his DashieXP channel. His comedy skits on this YouTube channel, and gaming commentary is very popular among people.

Years I'm 39 years old
What is my nationaly: Indonesian
I prefer to listen: Reggae

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Dashie also has a separate Let's Play channel, DashieGamesand DashieXP 2which is used exclusively for rants, bloopers, and behind-the-scenes material from the skits hosted on his main channel.

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Dat nigga gay can find the channel here: link. Once the protector of Gotham, Batman is reduced to working at a dollar store. Example of: How the Mighty Have Fallen.

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Spongebobby: Damn! You motherfuckers sound just alike! Donatello: [to Raphael] Now you know if I spit game at April, this bitch'll be all over me.

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Everybody know I'm the cute one! Raphael: Motherfucka, we all look the same!

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Donatello: Man, fuck you! You know damn well purple's her favorite color!

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Spongebobby: [ posing for mugshot ] Hold up, hold up, she told me she was 19, y'all! Dashie: Don't be stupid.

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I mean, yeah—gum tastes gooderrrrrrbut it's not worth losing your life over! Take it from me; I died two years because Sex shop providence didn't give up the gum.

Mortal Kombat Series. Abhorrent Admirer : Averted with Mileena Until she takes her mask off.

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Kabal: Oh, fuck thisshh! Rain: Since I couldn't be in this game right here, ain't none of ya'll muthafuckin' asses gonna be on the next one! Jax: Hysterically, after Baraka beats him by dissing his Bad moms full frontal nudity You gon' keep talking 'bout my mama?!

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You gon' keep talking 'bout my mama, you know I loves my mama! You better not be talking 'bout my mama!

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I'mma fuck you up, you bitch-ass motherfucker! Where's your sportsmanship?! Jax: Fuck you, motherfucker! Feedback Video Example s :.

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Show Spoilers. Ghetto Batman Once the protector of Gotham, Batman is reduced to working at a dollar store. How well does it match the trope?

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