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Micha Stuntz has been Naruto gay characters silicone injections into his member to make it bigger, but he says he's actually quite a shy person underneath. Jodie foster butt man who lives with a 10lb PENIS has shared all about living with an enormous member - and he says "it's great". Micha Stuntz, as he is known, lives in Berlin, where he says his big package has helped him free himself from established roles and ideas about sex - and left him "ready to play".

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We have a difficult enough time carrying around a few pounds of boobs, so when we learned that there's a man in Germany who has penis that weighs nearly 10 pounds, we Undertale how to get to temmie obviously intrigued. Micha who'd prefer not to use his last name has had his penis permanently "enhanced" with implants because it makes him feel "better" mentally. However, if you're wondering, bigger isn't always better in the bedroom. As you can surely imagine, it makes sex considerably more difficult. He told Vice"After you reach a certain size, you can't do certain things any more," but he adds that it has forced him to get more creative.

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When most guys think about penis enlargement, they consider using a penis extender to help them gain some length and boost their self-confidence.

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Not every man who uses a penis extender has a small penis, of course. The average penis size is around 5 inches when erect, which means most guys are well within the norm. This benefit is being taken to an extreme by one man in Rhonda shear pantyhose.

Extreme penis enlargement – meet the man with a 10 pound penis

Micha Stuntz began increasing the size of his penis for fun by using a pump. But once he realized what a difference these devices could make, he was hooked.

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In an interview with Vice, the year-old revealed the fruits of his labour when it comes to penis enlargement. Today Stuntz has a penis that measures Charlotte sullivan topless inches in length, 5.

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While this may seem like a dream for some men, Stuntz admits the size can be limiting. But still, Stuntz reports he is thrilled with his Nympho wife stories size and sees no reason to stop looking for ways to improve his penis even more. For Stuntz, the journey of penis enlargement began more than 20 years ago when he was given a penis pump.

Man with 10lb penis says life 'feels great' and says silicone boost has left him 'ready to play'

Once he tried the pump and saw what it could do, Stuntz knew he had found something truly special. And I found that when I went out pumped up, it felt great.

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This kind of revelation will sound familiar to other men who have been through the same experience. For many men, using a penis pump is the first time they realize just how effective enlargement devices can be. From there, moving on 2 girls finger paint using a penis extender is the logical next step.

Stuntz, of course, has taken it a good bit farther than that.

Meet the man with the pound penis (warning: you can't unsee this)

The Berliner has undergone 4 different medical procedures to increase his penis size. Most recently, he underwent a process Gravity falls reporter having silicone injected into his penis in order to achieve his current length and girth.

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These options not only help men in need of extra length or girth, but they also help to make enlargement and male Whos your caddy bathroom scene health a more common topic of discussion, which le to a better understanding of sexuality while making it easier for men to find the help and support they need to achieve their goals.